Thursday, July 8, 2010

gardening update ...

Raised Beds:

Tomatoes; 12 plants, already snacking on bi-color cherry. Several large green tomatoes.

Bush Sugar Peas; I uprooted them, they were all dried aned withery. Snacked on plenty, have a better planting plan for next year.

Turnips; Have eated them twice, waiting on the last few to get B I G, will replant soon for fall crop.

Beets: Very small, tops eaten up by rabbits, even with row cover. Different plan for fall.

Strawberries; 4 plants, putting out fruit again this year. :) LIKE.

Brussel Sprouts: 5 plants, growing well.

Honeydew Melon: 5 plants, growing well.

Bush Cucumber: 3 plants, moving along, have picked 5 small fruits.

Blueberry bushes: 2 dwarf potted; growing well. 3 inground; growing.

Blackberry: 1 growing along.


Bush Beans: 2 Earthboxes: over 6 pounds. they seem to have stopped producing and leaves are demolished by Japanese beetles. Replanting for more harvest. Earthbox Win.

Corn: has bugs. ew. and very few ears. Earthbox fail.

Eggplant: 2 plants in self watering buckets; 1 has 5 new fruits growing, the other is still smallish.
next year; start seeds 2 weeks earlier. Also, self watering for overwinter this year. :)

Banana Peppers: 2 plants in same pot, doing well, a few small fruits. Start seeds earlier next year.

Indeterminate Tomatoes: 4 boxes = 8 plants on deck;. growing fabulously. possibly have as much green fruit right now, as I had all last season! Go Earthboxes!

Mr Stripey Tomato plant = just aquired, growing!

Peppers: 2 tiny Doux deEspagne, start seeds earlier next year. 1 Sweet Red bell, covered in fruits. 1 sweet Orange bell, just aquired, growing.

Thats all for now, besides some lovely Sage.

Pictures later!

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