Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rent - a - Cat ( I mean rabbit)

Tyler is our rabbit who acts like a cat or vice versa.

He looks like a white cat with orange markings, but he feels like a rabbit.

He likes to sit at the sliding glass door and chirp at the goldfinches and bravely run away if you happen to open the door.

(and sir robin ran away) ahem.

He is not going to be traveling to our next home with us.

He must be a Rent - a - Cat for the next 12 - 24 months.

perhaps even longer, depending on how long before we find a more, permanent home for us Clausen people. Which will depend upon housing markets and the like.

Please be praying about our little situation.

Medium is in tears over it all. (a teary "we're not gonna move if Tyler cannot go with us")

Tall is very sad but gets the bigger picture of cat rental and all that. (Did I mention she has catbox duty, so that would (temporarily) go away for her, yeah, that makes it easier!)

Small won't really get it.

Parentals units ; sad , but adjusting. I mean, he can come back when we buy again. :)

anyway, it is one for the prayer list. and quickly too... we need to move in 28 days.

oh man, I better start packing. organizing and packing. and planning. and packing.

oh carp.


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