Sunday, February 13, 2011

and now for something completely different

As you can see, this year my blog got a new look.

And I added some buttons to show you some of the people (in the blog world) that I follow and am praying for.
(Um, they have buttons, because they actually have buttons with html on their site you can cut and paste quite easily - I actually follow and pray for lots of people on blogs)

Anywhooo... this little guy Jonah I have been following, I think I found him on the McMama blog and the whole pray for Stellan, and God healed Stellan adventure Amen... so, over a year or more.

this little guy Jonah has a rare disease and they are holding a bloggy fundraiser on February 24th at 8p - 27th at 8p to benefit research for his unique disease EB.

This is the link...

Check his story out, he is a little miracle everyday AND so are his parents.

Her main blog page is before the morning .

Our prayers are powerful, our living God is good.

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