Friday, February 4, 2011


We use the "workboxes" idea for homeschool.

This is what my system looks like...

I purchased the wire rack (it's a shoe rack) at Target
for $14. We actually used it in our old coat closet for a couple of
years before I pulled it out to utilize it for our work box system.

I wanted to show that you can put two different size plastic boxes
on the shelves. The skinny ones are by Sterlite. The larger ones are Snaplock.
Both Target items.

The two on the very bottom are for small, so they don't really have numbers.

The nicest things about my workboxes:
1. They snap closed
2. All books fit inside, lying down

The original idea I saw utilized those cardboard magazine holder thingys and you had to put everything in standing up. Which led to lumpy tippy cardboard boxes falling over, a lot.

The workbox system is pretty basic. You put your child's daily work, separated by subject. Your child works through their school day, box by box. When they have worked through all the boxes, they are done with school for the day. I put fun activities in the boxes too.

In the beginning, I would only put in a sheet of paper work for each subject. Now I leave the math book and the teacher math book in the math box with two sharpened pencils and an eraser and the ruler... so we always have what we need on hand in the box. The handwriting has my teacher book, his student workbook, notebook paper, 2 pencils and eraser. The art box has the art book, paper, crayons or markers. Easy peasy huh. You wish you were me, admit it :)
Oh wait, the shirt says
"I wanna be Chris"
I forgot, briefly. ;)

The toddler's boxes have dry erase pens and workbooks, crayons and coloring books and a sticker book. Pretty fun for him. Today we actually cut and pasted too. That was messy fun.

I'm brilliant. You're welcome.

and please don't notice any dust bunnies, if there are any. Jus sayin.

(in reality, I simply borrowed ideas from around the bloggy world to make it all work, except the plastic snap boxes, that was all me, I mean inspired by God me.)


Farmgirl Susan said...

That really is a brilliant system! Great storage solution, and I love how the school day is done once you've worked your way through the boxes. :)

Gina Hale said...

We used workboxes too. It worked great and I loved the philosophy behind it. I have the book and labels if you want them....