Monday, February 14, 2011

What to do on Valentine's day...

Candy hearts at breakfast for all the lovelies = check

Homeschool = check

Heart shaped sandwiches for lunch = check

3 loads of laundry = check

Pasta & handmade by lovelies valentine cards at dinner table = check

Eat Free Cake after supper and then watch a movie with two happy sons = check

Read blogs all night = check

Plant seeds = check

that means as of this evening: I have three kinds of peppers, broccoli, two kinds of eggplant and brussel sprouts germinating.

whoo -hoo for spring gardening. and for starting seeds on Valentine's day.

It's a good life. and apparently I inherited some kind of farming gene.

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Anonymous said...

Still haven't ordered our seeds yet but did buy some herb seeds the other day.