Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another Beautiful Day

So, it ended up being another beautiful day here in St. Peters, beginning in the low 40's and ending with 65 degrees and Sunny. Unbelievable weather fluctuations we are having for late March. We are all still laughing at the snow on Sunday and then no coats necessary Monday.
Matthan and Westley saw the pediatrician today. Westley is 11.5 pounds! He is coughing and has a stuffy nose, which I can only guess brother dear passed on to him. We are only treating it with Saline drops for his nose. We would use a humidifier, but I tried to catch the last one on fire last week. (No, really it only started smelling smokey, so I unplugged it and threw it out!) We don't do well with those things, the last one mildewed too quickly. Those things are supposed to help us all breathe better, but they end up mildewing, smelling musty and leaving that white dust everywhere, so what are we actually breathing in? Matthan has some hearing loss due to residual fluid in both ears, the ped wants us to give him an antihistamine for two weeks and then we will recheck them. If he still is not hearing well, then off the ENT doc for more assessement. I worry about permanent damage, but the doc tried to reassure me that it is very uncommon to have permanent hearing loss from fluid. Still I wonder how long Matthan really has not been hearing well since we are catching him reading lips now. Pray, Pray, Pray.

Westley Smiling at Mommy!

Photo courtesy of older sister Caitlyn!

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