Monday, March 17, 2008

Well, here it is Monday and we spent the weekend indoors...Family bonding and all that :) Yes, it was cold and we couldn't really go anywhere substantial anyway, not until I am fully up and running from the surgery. Matthan has been running a fever and sniffling and coughing all weekend. Saturday he was crying from ear pain. For all who know me well, my germ-o-phobic tendencies have been making me nutty! I have been trying to keep him from coughing near or touching anything to do with little man Westley... we don't need a sick newborn. Good thing I bought heavy in hand sanitizer stocks! Chris took Matthan to the doctor first thing this morning and got antibiotic for the ears and nose. Can you see the relief on my face! Still covering (and coveting) extra prayers over the kids and us for great health.

It was nice to see Chris have a chance to relax a little this weekend, since I can now do a little around the kitchen again. I am still banned from stairs and driving for another week or two, but boy it was nice to cook a meal, even a simple one. I made Chicken Barese last night. We seem to be headed toward a Mediterranean diet. With my recent high blood pressure and current need (for both of us) to lose about 35 pounds, this seems to make the most sense for health. The hardest part will be parting with cheese I think. We are saying bye bye to most red meat and dairy (mostly yogurt & cheese since we already do soy milk) for optimal heart health. With a huge cutback in all things saturated fats (man those fats seem to sneak right in everything). I was already reading labels to keep up with Caitlyn's Gluten Free/Casein Free Diet, now I am reading for the entire family. Organic & Healthy is the goal of 2008!

On another note: I think we finally have little Westley's digestive track on track. It seems as though he was getting too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk, causing loose and runny around his hindquarters. The poor little man, his bottom is about all burned up and blistered. We had been trying about every remedy out there to fix his bum including A&D, Zinc, Aveeno, Boudreaux's (recommended by pediatrician's nursing staff) and then Tea Tree Oil and then just basic Olive oil (which was not enough of a barrier)... then today the doctor tells us after three weeks of blistered bum to simply use Petroleum Jelly until all healed! (I had tried that too, but combined with Simply Naked Baby Balm) So, after much research online (see La Leche league and KellyMom websites!) about the lack of improvement on his bum, I stumbled upon the connection between the loose and runny stools and his nursing and latch-on habits! I changed my nursing patterns so he switches sides every other feeding, giving him a chance to work harder and longer at receiving the thicker (and more slowly digested) hindmilk. I am more comfortable too! What a great solution... Isn't God great ... we are indeed Fearfully and Wonderfully made!

It never ceases to amaze me at how much information changes between children and I love all the resources that are available now. I have books, magazines and online for all the info in the world at my fingertips. Enjoyed blogging today, now I gotta run, time to feed the kids lunch!

Here is the picture of my most Fabulous piece of baby gear! My favorite The Maya Wrap...

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