Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daquiri Evening

Strawberry I think!

Today we saw Dr. Otis for Matthan's limp and "wobbly" knee. She (Dr. O) confirmed my suspicion for a slipped capital femoral epiphysis...
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Friday night after we got home and looked at his limp and asked him some questions, I did some checking online and figured out the knee was not dislocated, rather we might be having referred pain from his hip. This is why we went to the ER on Saturday, if in fact the hip was slipped we needed to keep him off it immediately. We were sent home and referred to Dr. Otis for sometime this week. Today at the appointment, Dr. O saw Matthan's (now occasional) limp and compensating walk, plus he was wincing and rotating his pelvis when she checked the flex in his hip. Sometimes it stinks to be right, but I am glad we caught this before it got more serious.

The bottom line is that Matthan has what Dr. O called a "stable slip" and will benefit from having two K wires (go to:
inserted into his Right Hip. It will be a simpler surgery than last time, with no osteotomy of the bones and happily for Matthan NO CAST. A week or two of recovery and he should be walking as good as new.

The surgery is April 9th at 8:30 am at St. John's Mercy. He should come home a few hours after the procedure.

Now we really really need prayer for financial provision for the surgery. We have a choice to make in the next two or three days concerning Cobra coverage or a new insurance plan (that has a $4000 yearly deductible ~ YIKES)

Please Pray Pray Pray.

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