Sunday, March 23, 2008

Matthan & Westley dressed like stripey easter eggs!

Happy Easter!

What an interesting beginning to the day... we awoke to a gorgeous snowfall on a bright and springy Easter morning. It was sunny and snowing. Wild.

Happy 6th Anniversary to Chris & Paige!

Today we celebrate our 6th anniversary. We have much to be thankful for. 3 beautiful children and a very happy life together. Bless God!

Life is ever changing and we are out to begin new traditions with our kids. I am so not cooking Ham today! (I really don't like it without pineapple anyway) We also refused to go with the over commercialized version of Easter... there are no Easter baskets and no candy. We did do a craft by letting the kids dye eggs last week during spring break, but we did not tie it with Easter. Next year listen for details as we celebrate Purim. (Thank Tom Helbig for that one!) We are striving to understand and celebrate the feasts and celebrations of the bible. More on that as we go along.

Chris took Caitlyn to HBC for Easter service this morning while I stayed home with the boys (I love the way that sounds)
He was asked to play drums for both services and Caity asked to tag along. The morning has been quiet (except for Matthan's loud talk, he seems to have some hearing loss with this cold he has been fighting for a week) and peaceful. Westley is napping and Matthan is coloring. I am logging off the computer to read.

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