Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Long Day at the Hospital

White Bear had some surgical work done! Matthan asked for him to have the head cast in the recovery room and then the nurse gave him a "matching" leg bandage.

Matthan & White Bear post-surgery

Mommy & Matthan pre-surgery

Matthan had his surgery this morning. We got up early and headed over arriving at the surgical center at 6:30a. He went back for surgery at 8:30. Dr. Otis came in around 10 and showed us the pictures of his new improved hip with K-wires in place. I think it looks cool. Dr Otis mentioned that he needed to stay and get a total of 3 doses of IV antibiotics. We worked it out that we would stay in the surgical center until 7 pm to get the medicine and then head home! I went back into recovery with Matthan while Chris took care of Westley. We were back in his room by 11am. We spent a fairly quiet day in his room, Chris ran down and grabbed us food & drink as needed. We were able to head home just after 7p. We both had a bowl of cereal for a late dinner. Matthan is currently watching a movie (he napped today) and then will be carried up to bed. Dr. Otis says he can move about as he wants to with a walker for the next week and then bear weight as comfortable for him after that. Usually they keep them off the hip for 6 weeks, but as we know, Matthan is not the normal case here. He is much younger than anyone they usually see with a slipped growth plate and it is a stable slip so weight bearing early should be no problem. We will see how cooperative he is about walking much less using a walker.

Today was long for all of us. Caitlyn came home from school and fixed herself dinner and waited for us to get home. Westley was a champ, napping well and eating well and generally smiling for everyone. Matthan was wonderful, he has the sweetest spirit and was a complete trooper for all the doctors and nurses today. He was very brave and tolerant. He is currently a little grumpy from the pain meds but it passes once we finish them and switch completely to Ibuprophen later. I should add that all the staff was wonderful to us. Chris & I made it through just fine! :)

We thank everyone who prayed for us, we felt the peace. All things considered it was a good day with no extremes and no surprises. We thank God for every second of it and praise His name.

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