Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunny Day

Watching the Rowing Teams
Caity having some flying hair issues

Hanging with Dad at water's edge

Oh what a beautiful day... it is sunny and 70 something. I love Springtime. My magnolia bush is in full bloom and the hyacinth smell fantastic. We took the kids and went to Creve Coeur Lake today for a long walk. The highlight for the kids was stopping at the shores of the lake and throwing rocks in with Dad. Too funny... cardboard box syndrome. (you know, the cardboard box the toy came in is hours more fun than the toy... ) It was a great day for a walk outside (albeit a bit windy by the lake) then we all came home to play outside (bubbles and ring toss) for the rest of the afternoon while Dad went off to play some music with his guys.

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