Tuesday, April 22, 2008

UP to date

Saturday we hung out and Chris cut the grass, while the kids played outside. Another gorgeous spring day. Sunday we went to Worldview Community Church and really felt like we were back at home. It was nice to be instantly absorbed? / assimilated (aaa the Borg!) into community ... they were excited to have us back. This church is where we went from 2003 after Levi's Table and until Chris was called away to lead worship at Discovery in 2005. Happy to call it home.

After church we went to lunch at TGI Fridays with my brother Josh and cute preggo wife Tammy! Whom by the way is in the hospital as of today... she went into premature labor... after some Magnesium she and baby Gideon are doing fine. Please pray for them, she will be home on bed rest as of Friday.

Monday was the dentist for Paige... She broke a tooth, it just fell out into her mouth and is broken at or below the gum line. It is a large abcess. It seems as though we are looking at 3 new root canals ... with a possible tooth loss/extraction on one of those. And no dental insurance. What is up with this ??? We are still trying to carry COBRA until we can get approved for private insurance we can afford, no easy matter apparently. UGH. Not looking forward to all these medical/dental bills. We have to cover the copays for Westley and then Matthan's surgery too. Financial Strain/Impossibility. Much prayer needed for finances.

Well enough depressive news... Tomorrow is Wednesday and the kickoff of the Augusta Plein Air Art Event. Paige is too excited to go register. She will be going to a workshop on Friday and then trying to attend the Balducci Sunset Paint next week. Should be awesome.

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