Sunday, April 27, 2008

Plain Air Busy!

Handsome Happy Guy!

What a great face!

I have been too busy to post...As I mentioned before, it is the plein air event this week so I have been out there almost every day this week. I only missed Thursday. :) I plan to try and spend some time each day, as it is a great time to get spring study in for later studio works. Caitlyn and Westley came with me Saturday and though it was a bit distracting, I did an awesome study of a church and some pink dogwoods, though I won't be completing the painting (thus calling it a study!). Today I took Westley with me while Chris took Matthan and Caitlyn with him to church. I started an awesome landscape once I found the location I was looking for. Once I get Westley fed and asleep I can paint uninterrupted for at least and hour and half at a time. Good Stuff.

Westley (as you can see) is growing fast. He is a happy baby just about all the time. The kids are getting a kick out of him as well. He is grinning at everyone now and he will babble if you talk with him. He is also furiously kicking and flailing his arms. I expect he will be a great crawler. He is officially sleeping through the night (for about the last week) and that means we can put him down for the night at 10p and he gets up around 6a (which, by the way is later than we get up!). It is awesome. I think he weighs about 14 pounds!!!

I have to get all my painting gear packed up and ready for tomorrow. More on the Clausens later...

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