Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day Early!

Gotta Love those Drumsticks
Matthan performing his songs today
Matthan made me this placemat for the Tea

Matthan & Mommy at
Preschool Mother's Day Tea

Today was fun! I went to Matthan's pre-school for a tea party in honor of the mothers. They sang us 5 different songs (as soon as I figure out how to post video, I will share!) and then we sat and had cookies and pink lemonade. Westley was a champ in the sling, only fussing when I was shooting video of the songs. Matthan asked me dance one of the songs with him, it was a great moment for me. My son asked me to dance with him for the first time, so I got all nostalgic thinking that the next time he asks me to dance, will likely be a much more formal event and he will be much taller! Very precious. In case you cannot see the placemat it reads: "I love you because ... you can spot a rainbow and you know about animals" and the drawing is of a tiger!

It was raining again today and it looks like we may have warmer dry skies tomorrow morning with chances for showers again tomorrow evening. I will fumble about the yard, weeding etc. if it is nice enough. At least we can get outside for a bit. Chris is going to tackle the lawn and perhaps try to paint the basement tomorrow. Sounds like fun ay?!

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