Saturday, May 10, 2008

Teeth Teeth Teeth

Well, I was awakened this morning by my tooth throbbing out of my head. I took Ibuprofen and waited until I could ring the doctor, who told me to take Tylenol with codeine and stay on the antibiotic. He thinks the gum area around the newly root canaled tooth is simply "reacting" to it. There is no facial swelling, so that is good news. Codeine is yukky, makes me feel funny, light headed and just yuk.

It is a gorgeous day outside, Thank you God for a beautiful set of windows in my bedroom with a gorgeous view of my spring flowers and trees. Now if we can just keep those bunnies from eating them... ha.

Chris woke up this morning with upper back pain and has been to the chiro already for a long overdue adjustment. Hopefully he will be feeling better by tomorrow.

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