Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Tuesday

Well it is Tuesday... Paige stained the deck surface today (she had a friend helping!) The surface of the deck was peeling or peeled off during that ice storm we had this past winter. It only took all morning to prep it and then only an hour to actually re-stain it. We also have been doing some painting in the basement and plan to finish that job up this week. It is spring cleaning fever around here, Paige is planning on cleaning all the windows tomorrow. Plus we have to go through the basement (now that the room is finally finished!) the subdivision garage sale is next weekend (31st) and we have a few items we have been hanging onto for far too long (like the bachelor couch) Busy Busy Busy :)

The kiddos are finishing up their school years and we are busy with award ceremonies, concerts etc. It will be nice to move into the slower pace of summer... Fishing, picnicing, park and zoo visits.

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