Saturday, May 3, 2008

Plein Air 2008 - Completed

Well, the Augusta Plein Air Event is over and I feel fabulous about this year's painting experience. I painted well, though I did not win any ribbons or sell any paintings. I am competing against artists that have painted and won awards for years and years, so no, I don't feel badly about it. I simply paint and learn from people! It is awesome. Here are a couple of photos of the paintings, sorry about the ones under glass, the paintings are brighter than that... as you can see by the photo of Augusta Fields not framed. I did not want to use the flash and put in a false sun, or take the time to unframe and rephotograph the paintings. Maybe later! Enjoy!

Augusta Fields (natural light unframed)
~Yes that is on the dash of the van right after I finished!
Augusta Fields 2008 - Framed

Balducci Sunset 2008

On another note, The kids are great and all currently asleep! Chris is playing out tonight... he is playing the Parkway North Prom, how hilarious is that!

Kid Funny: Matthan is "teaching" Westley every chance he gets. Overheard in the car today: "Dogs don't like cats and they chase them". How precious is that!

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