Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pics of Kiddos PLUS VIDEO of Westley laughing!

Matthan, Kate, Jacob & Tracie
Caitlyn & Horse that may bite
(& complete stranger child)

that's a duck, flamingo & black swan (no relation)

Matthan & Caitlyn petting new baby donkey
Caitlyn & Kate (not paying attention -
Does this really ever happen when there is a camera out or pointed at them? :) )

Here is Westley pulling Matthan's hair
and being quite pleased with himself!
Matthan is forever trying to get his pic on the blog... holding Westley and being silly gets it done every time!

"Take a picture of that cabin and send it to Grandpa!" -Matthan
We went to Grant's Farm today with Tracie & the kids. It was fabulous weather and fun for all. As of Sunday they switch to a Weekends only schedule until next year. Bummer that most of my shots are too blurry... moving tram anyone?! Anyway... Matthan was directing the camera work for a bit and I took several silly shots he wanted Grandpa to see. I left out the picture of the vivid blue tshirt the complete stranger in front of us was wearing on the tram and the wagons and "shooter thingys" (canons). Perhaps you will get a kick out of the video of Westley...

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