Sunday, August 17, 2008

Various Food Faces

Hey where did that yummy corn puff go??

Caitlyn with a red elastic plastic balloon popped on her nose

Matthan with chocolate milk moustache

MMMMMMMM ... a plum


Cereal and sweet potatoes

Oh, it's cereal and butternut squash!

This has been the week of food... Westley is eating cereal and fruit/veggies twice a day. He LOVES his peas... as you can see in the video. He also likes butternut squash, sweet potatoes and pears, not necessarily in that order. Matthan still loves chocolate milk... Caitlyn loves all food... but I did not photograph her eating this week (your gain really).

I must say the plum was a hilarious surprise. I was eating one and Westley was watching... loudly watching... he kept fussing until I finally let him have a taste... that was it... he grabbed it and gummed it to pieces. Very funny to see a plum with all the juice removed! This boy likes to eat what we eat already.

All week Chris has been recovering from an unplanned surgical procedure to remove a subcutaneous blood clot. He lifted something incorrectly Saturday night... ouch. After resting on Sunday we went to the doctor for treatment on Monday. A bit of cauterizing and 4 stitches later, very painful recovery. He is still not back to work... we will see on Tuesday if he can make the drive. Yes, this is the first anyone has heard of it, we did not tell anyone except to call him in sick at work, please don't be offended.

It has been a quiet but busy week at home for Chris to recover. It makes me realize how crucial his help is every day to get things moving in morning and winding down in the evenings. We had two showings on the house, where I had to get him up and out of the house for an hour or so each time. First showings in 14 days too. Wild. It is such a poor market for selling right now... we just keep praying God's will over it all.

Enjoy the pics... we enjoy taking them.

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