Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ministry in the Making

Really, this is it! Please partner with us in prayer as the Clausen Family steps into the new thing that God has given as our path.

Chris will be stepping into our ministry ... it is a ministry of teaching and training up worship leaders ... The beauty of this ministry is that it will be

1. Providing lessons for young and inexperienced musicians, some of whom might not normally have access to such instruction; and 2. Raising up worship leaders who desire this type of in depth, focused training to further develop their gifts.

One of the key elements of this ministry is how it will be supported:

Raised support will be used to subsidize lessons for students. In other words:

Supporters of this ministry will be asked to donate support on a student's behalf.

Each Student needs a minimum of one half hour lesson each week, the cost of which is $20 per lesson.

Would you like to support a student? On a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis? Would you like to support more than one student?

All donations will be tax deductible.

Other ways to support this ministry include:

Prayer & Encouragement Prayer & Encouragement
Prayer & Encouragement

We do still need funds to complete startup of the ministry... if you would like to make a tax deductible donation toward our current need of $1200 to complete our 501 C-3 filing please contact us via phone or email.
Yes, we hired professionals to do the hard paperwork (no kidding, you have to almost write a book!) and file with the IRS ($750) ... it just made sense for us to do it right the first time with guaranteed approval.

Watch the blog for a link to our new website ... "David's 4000" or " D4K " as Chris likes to call it!

Worship definitely ON!

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