Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Settled into School

Well... the kids are just starting school and we are trying to get everything in it's place and settled into routine. This is all new to me and a bit crazy... but I believe the kids will be best off schooled here at home. Caity will soar with the virtual program, my little visual learner.

Matthan had his first day today... without schoolbooks! We really just did about an hour of math worksheets downloaded and printed off the school website. So in the future if we are missing a textbook/worksheet book, we can simply print the page of the day. Very cool.

His books actually arrived after dinner tonight... after looking at it all I am wondering how we will get to all every day. So I have also been trying to figure out how to work the website, what school supplies are still needed. I have desks for both kids, one with computer, one without (there is a second computer coming!) Caitlyn does not start until next Monday (her books are not here yet)

I think my biggest success of today was installing a wireless networking card into the pc and linking it to the router without having to call my younger brother to tell me how (I really just followed the instructions!) But still, very cool. Okay... Josh did tell me yesterday which pc card to buy and tried to tell me over the phone (my eyes actually glazed over) how to install it. Thank you Jesus that it came with install instructions!

It is late, tomorrow is a big school day for me and Matthan. Westley will probably wake me two more times tonight... so I am headed off to sleep!

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