Friday, September 12, 2008

Just Peachy!

Westley eating his first peach!
He LOVED it!
He got upset when I took the net thingy to fill with more fruit... but happy once it got back.

Turned these ...
Into these!
Aren't they lovely!

Westley is eating some this morning all smushed with cereal!
Caity ate them too!

HIYA! I took the kiddos peach picking at the local U-Pick farm on Monday. It was the very last day for their encore freestone peaches. It was a lovely morning and we picked 2 pecks of perfect peaches. Which led me to my next step... canning them. I borrowed equipment from sister Dawn and undertook it yesterday. After discovering that the canner doesn't fit on my flattop stove (who knew!) at least not without the threat of cracking it (yah, that's all I need).

I decided to use the pot on the eye on my grill. It took forever for the water to heat and then the first batch of 6 pints ... burst... yup 3 of them burst and made a HUGE mess... so I joyfully (yes, I am serious) cleaned and refilled the canner and went back to work... Finally got the water boiling and when I put in the first one it burst... so I stopped canning and froze the rest of the peaches. BRILLIANT! I do have three lovely jars of canned peaches in my own very creative cinnamon light syrup. It only encourages me to push on... they taste fabulous.

Next fun step... I have a pot of peach butter simmering away in my crockpot for the last 24 hours... I am going to pull them and wait for my next venture... Pressure Canning.

I will post pictures when those are done!

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