Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mosaic Art Festival

It all began with an apple that Westley refused to let go of.

Here we all are smiling for Dad.

Okay... maybe we are all cutting up for Dad.

What? me cut up?!

No, he really wouldn't let go of the apple.
He eventually stopped crying once I took it away.

Really... the art festival didn't have much to do with the photos, except that is where we were when we took them. We had just finished our sack lunch (let's hear it for frugal!) and were on our way up to main street to peruse the displays of art. The kids had fun at the make your own tent too! Next year we really have to make it in time for the kids to do the shopping for art tent. They have a tent that the kids go into by themselves and can purchase a work of local art for $5. It would be really cool for Matthan, who seems to have a tendency toward metal sculpture and more folk art paintings. Caitlyn leans toward art glass, photographic art and jewelry, jewelry jewelry. Ironic since she cannot really wear any of it due to her severe metal allergy. I think it is cool to see the kids totally different preferences for art. Matthan tells me all the time he is going to be an artist like me.

So, we had a blast and didn't even spend a cent. Now that's a frugally fun Saturday we all enjoyed.

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