Saturday, September 13, 2008

Canning continues...

Peach Butter YUM!

I am really liking this canning thing. The only disappointment is that there isn't MORE full jars when you are done. You really don't realize how much stuff cooks down. sigh.

I read a recipe for DILLY BEANS today on someones blog... ohmygosh... I practically HAVE TO make those! Hee hee.

See all the reasons I really NEED my own garden... all that fresh produce, put up for us to enjoy over the fall & winter months... of course the hubby and kids will have to help with any labor ... I am not in any physical shape to do the really hard stuff... like bend over for extended periods of time. Or run a tiller! I do know Mr. C is up for that one! He is liking this canning thing and the Freedom Garden idea-ly.

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Don and Dawn said...

I'm hoping to see at least one of those jars come back -- FULL!!! Can't wait!