Monday, September 15, 2008


Rarely do I need to call for rescuing. Really I can handle most stuff. Okay, Yes, if there is a spider or other gross insect I do call for Chris to come and kill it or at least remove it from the general vicinity of anywhere within the house. I fully support the husband handling that sort of thing. Although this wet summer we have been having has necessitated me killing three (yes three) gi-normous (it is too a word!) spiders that were building the Taj Mahal of all webs just outside my home (individual locations I might add) I mean, these suckers were one inch in body, not to mention leg length... wisely I used wasp spray. At least I could stand 10 feet away and get the job done. They were huge and infringing upon the house every time. Every time when Chris was away... Well, enough about them...

(If you don't have an iron stomach... don't read the rest of this post!)

Tonight while Chris and Caity were at GHOP... Matthan, Westley and I were sitting on the dining room floor, by the sliding glass door when I see (YES I HAD TO SEE) the latest member of our local hawk family accidently? drop a recently killed rabbit onto our deck.

(Really, if that gets you, don't keep reading....)

EEEWW. But it didn't just hit the deck, it hit the bird perch that is part of my bird feeder and drape across it... entrails hanging, blood dripping. The entire rabbit was there. I mean, this is beyond normal anything. So I calmly? call the neighbors to get male help. No one answers... so I head out there, boys in tow... to knock on their door. Thankfully Alex (their teen son) was home and happily came over and removed the offensive and offending carcass. Now here is the real clincher... the young hawk is perched on their fence... the one that is between the houses... watching his kill draped on my feeder. Then the hawk stayed and watched Alex remove it and even stayed long enough for us to get out cameras and snap pictures of him perched after said offending carcass was tossed into the trash for pickup tomorrow. Wild absolutely wild.

It kind of makes me wonder what the wild varmits are all up to when we aren't around.

Now... I am off to can tomato soup... Nice. It was almost RABBIT SOUP - Thank God I lean more vegetarian!

I should mention that our first year in this house... we spotted what looked like owl poop on the deck rail... after breakfast I went out only to find it was rabbit entrails... and fur, presumably left from a hawk kill. So I guess hawks really do train their young well. But prayerfully not on my deck anymore!

Here it is on the fence

He flew off into the yard toward our porch when he felt threatened by the camera proximity!

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