Friday, September 26, 2008


About a Bushel and a half of FREE apples from a neighbor!
That's getting your food within the 100 foot challenge... it is a 19 Gallon bucket!

Westley sees the apples ...

Westley GETS the apples!

Just hanging around!

Westley trying to eat a mason jar...
Caitlyn and I went this morning and picked apples off our neighbors tree. His words were "You are welcome to as many apples as you can pick ... and there are no pesticides, so they are organic!" ... it was very neighborly of him!

So we picked and picked and picked and still left so many on the tree too. These have got to be the sweetest tastiest little apples I have ever had. I thought they were some type of golden delicious? but they are more flavorful! They have a golden greenish color and some have a little bitty bit of "blush" on them.... though the main color is apple green with green spots. They are wonderfully crisp and sweet. Did I mention they are sweet? really! I am excited to make apple sauce and then ... drum roll please... Apple Butter YUM YUM YUM!

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