Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gardening in January...

So... the closest we (here in eastern missouri) typically get to gardening in January is reading seed catalogs, perhaps growing sprouts inside or if we are lucky enough to have one, play in our greenhouse on a sunny day. Well, I don't have a greenhouse (yet, though I've seen one I want, but $1000 is no way no how in my budget for the next few years) so I have been reading seed catalogs and looking at the online seed catalogs. Last night after the boys went to sleep, I went out to Home Depot and looked at what organic Burpee seeds there might be available. Sure enough, I found a few packets of exactly what I was going to buy online this year for a little bit cheaper, so I saved a few bucks.

I am still planning on buying a couple more packets online of a few specialty tomatoes, and then I will move on to buying (and mixing) soil for my upcoming container garden. I also have to plan out my calendar by the predicted last frost so I know when to start each set of seeds. Fun, fun, fun. Who knew veggies could take so much planning. Oh, but how I look forward to eating them!

Remember when I said I spent a few days pulling up bulbs and flowers and such ... well, I looked in the garage today and it seems my narcissus bulbs were sprouting. So, I actually did get to garden today! It was a balmy 56 degrees so I headed outside and put all the narcissus bulbs into two beds at the front of the house. I encountered two or three bulbs in each bed that were also sprouting, so I left them to come up among the narcissus. I think a couple were hyacinth and tulip. I cannot wait to see how lovely those beds are about mid March.

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