Saturday, January 24, 2009

Is that MEAT????

Every now and then....

we have a BIG country breakfast.

Eggs, Hash Browns & BACON !!

When I got up this morning, my lovely Medium boy said "I'm starving".

Which is highly usual.

He is always starving.

Except when he is not hungry.

So.... after I made the coffee...

I grabbed that package of bacon from the bottom drawer

the one that says ! delicious, salty, yummmy !

oh, I mean low salt bacon.

And Medium boy comes running into the kitchen

sees me with said package in hand

and says "Is that MEAT???"

after we crack up and take a picture of that precious face with his fingers wiggling...

I begin to cook that yummy bacon...

Once the pots and pans clang about a bit...

down the stairs come the bug...

walks sleepily into the kitchen announcing....

"I'm hungry".

um... okay... wait over there with the rest of the vultures! hee hee.

I mean cute hungry people I love to cook for!

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