Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year !! ... and now for Christmas day photos

Facepainting at Missiongate Christmas Party
(Yes, I am painting on her leg... she's just a baby!)

Slightly harder to see, Mommy and Tall girl getting their facepainting supplies
for a missional facepainting extravaganza!

I am one cool Cat!

Eat your heart out Bono!

Yes, I leaned right over and grabbed the roll I am currently munching on!
(right after eating a full dinner)

Eating the last Roll


A Lovely Match

Black Pearl Earrings

Happy Guy!

That's just GOOD!

YAY ... A Tabletop Easel !!!

This is my Mom's Calendar !!!
(just like my old one!)

This is serious fun... a book with scrappy ideas all up in it. I Love it!

Seriously, this is my favorite toy.
(If only I can keep medium boy away from it!)

Medium boy gave Tall girl an ornament he handpainted for her!

"This is the SOFTEST bear EVER"!!!

Sterling Silver Amethyst Earrings
(that match her necklace and bracelet from GOTCHA day!)

WHAT ?? a package in a package???


Now son, really - don't touch the cd (HA HA)
~ He loves that Medium boy picked Stravinsky Firebird!

Now... that is all the Christmas day pics. Enjoy!

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