Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Going Orange for Stellan

Today we declare Stellan healed!


Please stand in prayer with us today
and every day,
for little Stellan,
a mighty servant of God.

Thanks to Beautiful Daughter for manning the camera!


Stellan is a precious little man, who is having heart surgery today.
You can go to this link to My charming kids to learn more about him,
his family and unique situation.

Update from McMama's Twitter:

Stellan made it through!!!
I am with him now in recovery.
They are going to leave him under for a while,
since the procedure took so long.

They will extubate him a bit later.
He needed a blood transfusion earlier and he's still finishing that up.
He looks so sweet and peaceful.

I'm going to work on a post now about all the details regarding how it went. It was a complicated situation and Dr. A did the best he could.

Praise God for his faithfulness.


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