Sunday, April 12, 2009

Helga Update and general seedling growth

All the "Helgas" seem to be fine
they are losing some of the leaves that were curled under,
but new growth is appearing on all of them. Yay!

The Doux de Espagne look fabulous!

Who knew Crazy Straws would be put to practical use in our home?
I am using them to support my droopy Eggplant... I took them out yesterday for a short breath of sun and fresh cool breeze and they rewarded me with droopy unsupporting stems... They have perked back up more firmly since then, but I think the straws are fun!
Hardening off is so much fun.

Speaking of hardening off, I am doing this with all my tomato, eggplant and pepper seedlings right now. Taking them out for an hour or so each day and gradually getting them used to longer time outdoors in the wind and sun.

I think the Brandywines loved it, but some of their leaves got tangled together, for future reference, space seedlings farther apart then the pot trays they sit in normally. If they have any height and it is windy, they may tangle and tear some of those beautiful leaves.

These are my nasturium seedlings, yes, they are a bit leggy.

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