Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Greens are pushing up...up... up

Baby Leaf Spinach

Tom thumb

Amish Deer tongue & Black seeded Simpson

We have lettuce appearing!
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Don said...

I have a lot of seeds planted and ready to sprout. It looks like you are going to have a bumper crop!

I need to plant a larger variety of lettuce

I like your tubs. They are easy to lug around and water (I'm going to copycat)

Paige said...


You should copycat them... I did! I needed a sensible container for lettuce that would not be as expensive as the earthboxes I purchased for my deck growing tomatoes! Just remember to drill some drain holes in the bottoms. I also used a large sink drain mat to keep them up off the wood on the deck and would consider using them in the grass as well - for optimum drainage. I used the shallow rubbermaid containers for lettuce. (4 different types of lettuce and a baby leaf spinach, yum!)

I saw your seedling cart, very cool. My chioggia beets popped their heads up today too! They are in the tall rubbermaid containers.