Friday, April 17, 2009

You must be kidding...


Klutziness runs in the family

Medium boy accidently knocked over a tray of seedlings.

Innocently enough, he was scooting (still not walking) around the deck

while I was preparing to bring seedlings inside for the evening

He opened the screen door...
effectively knocking the entire tray of cherry tomato seedlings onto the ground...

which broke them into pieces.


I do have one of each type in an earthbox already

However, I do not have any left to share with friends,

friends I already told were all getting some

that makes me feel great

of course,

it already looked like I was destroying all the other tomato plants

the Brandywines
the Helgas
the Bloesser Pinks

need I go on

I have a lot to learn about

"Hardening off" seedings

Rule # 1 : NO WIND

Rule # 2 : NO WIND


really G-R-A-D-U-A-L
like 1/2 hour increments daily for a week
then move up to an hour daily

those cherry tomatoes were my saving grace of the tomato plants


Well... in other tomato news

the Helgas

(even as puny as they are)

have put out some lovely new green leaves

see... there is always HOPE!

and remember that fabulous looking Doux?

nope, apparently it was S-L-O-W to show it's sunburn

It will be okay, but still.

I'm going to enjoy my glass of wine now

and worry about all those plants in my kitchen L-A-T-E-R
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