Monday, November 29, 2010

A Birthday Party

A week ago (or so)
we were invited to a 2nd Birthday Party for a friend.
This is Bevo Mill in St. Louis
(we were right around the corner at the party!) This is Gabby (B's Mommy)

Medium and Small

In the backyard
clowning around with the wagon.

I know, I know
I think they are very cute too!

It was lovely weather for late November!

Small putting a ball inside the grill
with Mr. Meany

Small in the background contemplating that device.
and B in the foreground!

B and Small

B and small playing in the leftover fall hay

They had a blast!

headed for fun...

More wagon fun
with all the little ones
Medium pulled them around for hours

B playing a flute

Happy Birthday little man,
Thanks for having us!

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