Monday, November 8, 2010

On poison ivy and the skin reaction that follows...

my neck

this is the top of my arm
it shows the blistering, but not the redness and swelling (ouch)

this is the inside of my elbow... with flash (sorry)
It is a deep dark red and swollen and hard.
Maybe tomorrow I will take better pics in the daylight.
So, I went out back and cut out some of the false honeysuckle growing at the fence line, specifically where I wanted the compost pile.
I certainly did not see the poison ivy.
Until today... you can see where some of it is growing up from the ground,
I must have missed it and gotten it on my left glove.
Judging by the tracks all over my right arm and neck.
Tall has a patch on her ear, where she carried the branches over her shoulder
to the pile where I thought we would let it dry and then burn it.
but no, we will be bagging that all up for the yard waste guys now.
Husband has a patch on his ankle? and his shoulder? no idea.
I threw out all the gardening gloves. :(
I had washed my shoes and the clothes I gardened in already.
Now I wonder if that is how it is spreading or
if I simply touched my face with those gloves that day last week.
I guess I have to go the doc tomorrow and get anti-itch steroid something for this.
garden fail.
Oh well,
I can look forward to getting
my bulbs and poppy seeds planted this week
while we are having our unusual 70 degree days.

Poppies at my house,
Garden Pass!

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