Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 6 ,,, Headaches and the diet...

So today is Saturday.

Friday, I went and had my blood pressure taken.

I have been having a headache all week, some moments worse than others, but never subsiding completely. and no, my sinus (es?) are not tender or afflicted. After 5 days of it, it occurred to me that perhaps my blood pressure was too high.


I did not want to be right. It was at 152/100. Egads. I noticed the headache the first day of the diet. I began to wonder if I was allergic to something in the protein shakes? or perhaps my body was simply rebelling against losing sugar and gluten? (ha)

On the drive back from the urgent care that checked my pressure, it occurred to me (thanks HS) that my body might not be uptaking the medicine correctly since I changed my diet.

So ... I am trying to NOT have a shake for breakfast or dinner (when I take my medicine) in hopes that it will alleviate the problem.

I did not have any shakes after lunch yesterday. and the headache went all night.

And now it is 2 hours after breakfast ... and I have a splitting headache and a flush in my cheeks.

I am so totally about to eat some bread. (not really, but I do want to)

No worries - I see my doc on the 24th for routine checkup ... will solve this problem then.
and I will do some independent research on my particular medication and the effect of diet on uptake of it.

(in the meantime - I am down 4.5 pounds already - wow)

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