Saturday, January 22, 2011

What begins as an idea ...

What begins as an idea and then gains momentum as God pours out His heart.

The Spirit of Adoption has hit our hearts and been confirmed by God for this season.

Chris & I talked about adoption before we married. It was one of our "puzzle pieces" of confirmation. Somewhere along the way of life and babies, it came down to not being able to afford it or it simply was not the right season for it, yet.

Since we lost baby Cadence in December of 2009, we have lightly discussed it.

We have been waiting on our time of mourning to end.

We have been waiting to see what God had to say about it.

We have friends who have adopted internationally. We have friends who have adopted domestically.

Several families within our church have adopted since we got pregnant with Cadence. We have prayed for them and with them. We have held their precious ones and watched them settle into their forever families.

As the new year approached, we began to talk about the idea. Rough, sketchy, wouldn't that be a cool idea. God's heart is really for the orphan. Let's keep talking about it. Then...


We receive a financial seed toward our adoption.

Insert tears of joy here.


Next thing I know God is talking, loud and fast.

Confirming it to us,

and then speaking directly about relying on Him for ALL the funds,

and confirming it to us.

Here I am Lord. Hear I am Lord. Here I am Lord.

Ever so sweetly He is singing His heart over us. His heart for the Orphan. His song of Justice about abortion.

There is a story about how He called us to this, complete with signs and wonders. It is for another day, another post.

Written 1/19/11 Posted 1/22/11


Candra Georgi said...

hopping over from scripture and a snapshot! the painting is gorgeous!

Karen said...

Love the chronology of "God-incidences" you've listed here. May He bless and be in your decisions as He brings this episode to completion! stopping by for Scripture and Snapshot.