Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm a funny blogger ... and follower ...

and by funny I don't mean ha ha. I mean more like odd.

I don't comment on other peoples posts very often. (commonly known as lurking)

I almost never link to anyone elses blog. (I just forget, but I am trying to get better)

I really never debate things.

sometimes, as I lurk about the blogging world I find things that hit me just so.

This post by aartipaarti did just that. (make sure you scroll down in the post to the pictures, specifically the stomach picture.

I simply found the picture of the stomach and the picture of the very large coffee cup, um awakening.

I gave up coffee (yes, feel sorry for me, I still love the smell) awhile ago. I am that very energetic person that people tend to think has already had too much caffeine today. and that's when I am decaffeinated.

Caffeinated, I'm too much for most. By that I simply mean, my mind goes a million miles an hour and so does my enthusiasm and conversation. I'm overwhelming for some (but not all, I do have friends who LOVE me!)

Someone once said I had an incredible zeal for the Lord and for life. I agree. I do love my Jesus. (though it was years before that word (Jesus) meant all that it means to me now, for years I could hardly say Jesus.) (at least without feeling fake)

and I'm not a professional writer and I love parenthesis and ... a lot. :)

Oh. look I digressed. hmm.

I simply wanted to point out that during this cleanse I am doing, I am noticing so many more things about cooking and eating and general food habits (bad ones) that surround us all daily. I have been taking my family on a better course of food and habits for a couple of years now. I have not eaten as well as we are on this cleanse. And that, my friends is how we are going to continue. Eating well.
We all like the food. It may cost more, but the end result is worth the work (gardening) and expense (shopping for local fresh produce).

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Bizzy Grapperhaus said...

I appreciate this. The article was also eye opening and, I think, helped me define my own views better. But also, I appreciate you and your perspective. Its nice to share life with you.