Monday, March 21, 2011

my oh my ... mouth

I had oral surgery last week on Tuesday.

A Gum Graft. (actually two)

IF you have a weak constitution, don't keep reading.


They cut tissue in two spots from the roof of my mouth and stitch it to my gums. Ouch.

When the dentist first mentioned it, I asked what it felt like. He said it was like getting a tooth filled. And the roof of my mouth would feel like a bad pizza burn.

Only it's NOT. I am still waiting for it to feel that good.

In the middle of the procedure, as he was stitching (see, stitching, not stitch) I knew I was in trouble by how Looooooong the thread was he was using. It was stretched out from my mouth, presumably the first stitch. It was much shorter when he was done. yikes.

The grafts are on the left lower side of my mouth, across the front two teeth and the back molar, between the cheek and teeth. Right now they are covered with a silly putty like substance, that he called a dressing or bandage. That will come off on Wednesday and they will take out my stitches. I think I want Novocaine for that.

I also have a tray over my top teeth (like they make for bleaching), which reaches back over the roof of my mouth to protect that area, really handy to drink my smoothies or milkshakes and keep my tongue from touching it.

It is better, and continues to heal. Though too slowly for my taste. (ha ha) I did find a new soup, Pacific organic tomato. Fabulous.

I was kind of hoping I would lose a few pounds, but soft food includes Ice Cream. So maybe not.


Mo said...

I'm facing the same procedure. Doesn't sound near as much fun as I lead to believe...

Thanks for the heads-up.

Paige said...


Sorry to hear that! It has been one week, and I do feel better. Not back to normal, but better. the roof of my mouth is still tender, but the graft sites, still covered in silly putty, are the most painful. I am still taking an 800 mg Ibuprofen every 6 hours. Just to take the edge off, and am still enjoying softer foods. I will update my post again tomorrow after the stitches come out. Blessings.