Friday, March 25, 2011

Pictures Pictures Everywhere ...

Us, early spring.

True Story ...

Seriously ... All we, um, I have done lately (besides home-school, garden, parent, have oral surgery, play and prepare for Augusta Plein Air, that is) is go through many many pictures for our profile and read ooodles and oodles of adoption books and write lengthy reports for our homestudy. Busy, yes, fun YES! (except the oral surgery, UGH) Hubby and I both had to do the reading and writing, it was a fun thing. I always loved to devour a good book and it was nicer together. The children have even begun reading (some) of the books. They are getting excited about our adoption as well.

Mouth healing, although too slowly for me. I still have to eat soft food and all that touches the roof of my mouth is super painful. Grafts look good and feel better than yesterday, that is progress. (um, never again, did I say that yet?)


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