Thursday, March 10, 2011

seriously ...

I am so busy ... Reading adoption books and writing summaries, planting seeds and keeping them watered, teaching these children, cooking these meals, cleaning this house, having lots of dental work done (ach), filling out endless forms and mailing them to our homestudy peeps, reading adoption blogs, articles and books (oh I said that twice on purpose) ... that I simply have not had time to update ... :( sorry about that.

We really are okay here; Tall had her first driving lesson with a professional driver (what? we felt she would benefit from another perspective and possibly the brake in the passenger seat of said training car!), Small had to be taken to the ER Sunday night after a spell of croup was beating us and the hot shower and the cold night air, he apparently needed the prednisone to get his vocal chords back in shape, Medium is getting along swimmingly in his swim class.

that said, I must go back to my reading summaries while the daddy picks up Tall from a night volunteering with the Zoo.


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