Thursday, March 31, 2011

Peas Porridge HOT ...

I may have let these root a little long...

I put them in the ground yesterday afternoon!

The process for "rooting" the peas can be found here...

thank you again Paul for your
Master Gardener prowess.


Onto life

don't keep looking if you have a weak tummy ...

And this is the healing graft site on the roof of my mouth


Now, 2 weeks later, it feels like a pizza burn.

Still not letting food touch that part of my mouth.
and Orange Juice - No way.
It's water. All day.

(sorry for the view!)

I do feel better. The grafts, which I am not posting a picture of, because, are healing nicely.

Who knew it would take so long to feel better, but I am glad it does.

Life is busy...

we are off on a spring break adventure today. :) I will post about that later!


Lulu said...

Can you eat the sprouts? I still need to figure out how to sprout...

Paige said...

Yes you can. and you only need a mason jar and some seeds to make sprouts. I will try to do a post on that soon.