Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Candid Camera

Westley posing for the camera!Action Jackson
trying to escape the bumbo
or get the Pickle Relish

Matthan belly laughing at Chris's antics with Westley
but notice the chocolate cookie crumbs!
What a Fabulous Face!

Not much today... it was stellar weather. The only outside thing we did was water all the flowers and enjoy the evening on the deck. The kids played outside for a few minutes this afternoon. It was a mellow day. Westley has decided to avoid naps at all costs right now and is back to waking every 4 hours or so. Must be that 3 month growth spurt. The little sturgeon is going to have to cry it out tonight! Mommy needs some sleep. But she now has Dove Dark Chocolates again... THANK YOU WONDERFUL HUSBAND, I LOVE YOU TOO!
Chocolates get WAAAAY more points than flowers around here!

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