Thursday, June 26, 2008


Sorry it has been so long since posting, but we have been so very busy around here. I almost need caffeine to keep up with myself. Last Saturday we had a fabulous birthday party for Matthan with plenty of little men taking over my backyard hunting for dinosaur bones... then we had some friends over for BBQ... then we cleaned up and prepped the house for cleanliness and possible showings on Sunday. (Finishing the shining of everything... all before we left for church that morning!) We spent Sunday afternoon going to a couple of open houses and then back for a 3p showing of our home. Whew. Monday & Tuesday the boys were both sick with runny noses and coughs. Wednesday morning brought two showings in the same day... one at 10:30 am (YIKES) and another at 5 pm. Talk about going crazy cleaning... that's me. Then last night we worked in the basement again, putting doorknobs on and cleaning up trimwork. Today it is relatively quiet around here... the boys are still sick (There is nothing more pitiful than a newborn coughing all night) Which brings me to sleep deprivation... I have not been able to catch more than 3 hours at a time, because poor little Westley keeps waking himself coughing. Matthan also was awakened by the thunder and lightning last night. 2:30-3 am seems to be some kind of regular awakening hour around here, sigh. I don't mean to complain, I don't mind the interruptions in sleep so much, just trying to make sense out of why this posting reads like one large run on sentence! I will post pictures sometime of the birthday bash... right now Westley and I are going to take a nap!

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