Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Happy Birthday Matthan!

Helping Mommy Ice the Cake!Cleaning the Spatula

Putting the Sprinkles OnFinishing Touches

Great Job, Cake looks Perfect

Blowing out my candlesMatthan's First Bike

Surprise!Very Excited about New Bike

Daddy Showing me how to ride
Note the new matching Go Diego Helmet

Riding like a pro

Gluten Free Mulberry Cobbler

Actual Birthday Over, Celebration with Friends to come on Saturday. Today was a fun day for Matthan. He got his very first big boy bike today. With Matching helmet and knee pads... very cool. He also got a Diego movie and a rescue heroes figure. We baked a marble cake with swirl icing and a gluten free mulberry cobbler for Caitlyn. whew! By the way, the Mulberries are compliments of St. Peters Parks... we went out on Monday and picked them (for free) off some of the various mulberry trees growing in our local parks... Thanks yes, we did sing the song. However, it is actually a stinking very tall tree, not so much a bush. It was lovely weather for berry picking and quite a fruitful effort... pun intended. :)

Happy 4 months old to Westley today!

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