Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How long since we posted last...

Well it has been awhile since I posted. Sorry bout that.

Summer is in full swing around here... meaning: sleeping late (for us anyway) lots of outdoor play and plenty of picnicing in the parks. It also means cutting the grass, weeding and mulching the flowerbeds, watering things outdoors etc. With all the yardwork, we are quite busy in our spare time. Never mind the basement project! The kids are just getting bigger by the minute and getting in each others space quite regularly since they are not used to being home so much together. I will be glad when the almost finished rec room is completely free to be a playroom all the time.

We went over to friends house on Sunday after church and had a BBQ. It was fabulous. So nice to hang out with like minded people. Matthan had a great time playing with his friend Doug.

Things are in transition at church and HOP with new buildings and moving going on. That should keep us busy for the next two weeks!

We are all looking forward to next weekend when Grandma & Grandpa Clausen are coming in from Iowa for a visit!

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