Thursday, June 5, 2008

The latest at Hausen of Clausen

This is Mom's Magnolia Tree... about to bloom!
Caitlyn's last day of 7th grade

Matthan in the early morning light

Check out the "halo" Matthan gave to Westley!Just finished planting and mulching this bed

I spent all morning Thursday putting in
Purple Vinca and Yellow Marigolds (to keep away the bunnies)
and then I mulched it all!

We are certainly busy around here. Getting this house in order to sell is one tall order. We have been working and cleaning non-stop. When did we accumulate so much junk?! The basement room might be completed tonight, that's pretty exciting! The kids are playing in the new rec room now, we really just have to paint the doors and trim in order to be finished. Please keep praying for God's will in the sale of this house and the finding of the new home. So far it has been slow foot traffic, but I imagine it will pick up this weekend. For any who don't yet know, we have put our wonderful house on the market and are looking for a new place in South County, closer to Church, work and HOP (our entire lives seem to take place down south!) It is pretty slim pickins in the school district we want in our price range.

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