Sunday, November 13, 2011

Oh I can too!

I finally had some green tomatoes turn red for me. :)
so I did what comes naturally,
I canned.

Isn't this beautiful.
Heirloom Hillbilly Potato Leaf

(I actually sliced that one for BLT's shhh.)

But I did can some great salsa.

A bit liquid-ey.

7 Lovely Jars

I did taste some tonight and was actually disappointed. It is a mild salsa (b/c that is what the children like) but it tasted weak and watery tonight when I opened a jar. Harumph.
I think I needed to use the "hot" spices for canning. We find the "mild" to be perfect when made fresh, but it needs more umph.

Well, lessons learned. Good times. Good times.

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