Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Serious Superheroes

My Boy Wonder.


Medium & Tall protecting the universe.

Seriously, you should have heard small call out "Hammer!"

Love it.
and he actually looks like Thor with those curls!!

October is many things. Apparently including the need to dress up, a lot.

My children are now frequent superheroes thanks to my discovery of the plastic tablecloth cape. For $1, you can cut three or more capes for short people out of plastic. Very simple. and unless they happen to rip them off instead of untying them (that's experience speaking here people!) they will last for several capers. :)

The boys walked to the church across the street on Sunday for their autumn festival, we often visit during their outside times of games and food and fellowship. Free Fun (and candy, lots and lots of candy) :)

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