Thursday, November 24, 2011


for many things (in no particular order)

Fabulous Loving Husband
6 Precious children (3 here, 1 in heaven, 2 almost here)
A lovely brick ranch
the smell of pumpkin muffins this morning
the turkey already in the oven
22 days until the boys arrive for their visit!!
A roaring fire in the fireplace, all. day. long.
Family time
random capitalization and punctuation :)
a large dining room table with enough chairs
fuzzy socks
plenty of food to eat
no debt
crazy silly dancing worship mornings
my youngest child's belly laugh
really, all of my children's belly laughs
curly hair. yes really.
the sound of little voices playing in my home
hot water
Great friends!
my garden and the bounty it gives us
the smell of clean laundry fresh off the line
crocus and daffodils
hugs and kisses from my children
a working oven
many blogs I read and glean info and ideas from (including pinterest)
and so. much. more.

What are you thankful for?

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